The Pleasant Festival Experience


Finally, I am able to write about one of my favourite things in the world….festivals. In this case, getting all prepped and organised (another of my favourite things to do). I have been to 4 “stay-over” festivals so far and I tend to learn (and sometimes forget) so many things…all these things that I thought I’d share with all you festival newbies/festival veterans.


Every year I come across new things I would have done so much better off WITH and things I would have done so much better off WITHOUT. Over and over I have rocked up at a festival with far too much crap – and you have to carry all this stuff all the way to your campsite from your car which is usually…a moerse trek.

My first ever festival was Rocking the Daisies 2014. What a weekend! What an experience. But being my first festival, I obviously had no idea what to expect or what to prepare for (or not prepare for). Essentially, if I had to sum it up…all you need is a tent, sleeping bag, cooler box, a warm top (it can FREEZE at night), your bikini, a towel, wet wipes, sunscreen, basic food (because you WILL end up buying food there and maybe 2 outfits.

But of course, we don’t live in a perfect world and as a female…there is NO way I will be leaving with just those items. But, I have learned that there are some things you JUST DONT NEED. Luckily though, there is a way around this – and it means you won’t over pack AND you’ll get to take all your bindis, glitter, bikinis and festy fairy outfits you think you’ll be wearing!

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First thing I noticed was that I really, always packed way too many outfits. For a 3 day festival (especially if it’s summer) you literally just need a dress (easy peasy for when you want to have a quick swim), maybe 2 pairs of shorts and 3 different tops (you will literally just be walking around in your bikini and shorts all day). Then as for the evening, I packed 2 pairs of tights (I find jeans too uncomfortable to party in) a light/thin long sleeve top/jersey (even though it’s cold when you walk from tent to tent, dancing heats you up a hell of a lot) and a warm jacket (I always stick to my trusty denim jacket). Shoes-wise, I took an old pair of ankle boots from Cotton On for the evenings (they look great with leggings and keep the dust out your shoes and socks) and a pair of slip slops (even though I literally went everywhere barefoot because keeping your shoes safe when you dancing in the sand becomes a hack).
Last year at Daisies I was so thankful I took my beanie with for the evenings as it really does get cold and it keeps your hair at bay without having to tie it up all the time (and obviously Cape Town is city of wind).
When it comes to food and drinks…pack enough snacks and food but don’t pack as much alcohol as you THINK you going to need….trust me…you won’t. All festivals I have gone to, I have always taken too much alcohol. Im talking like, I rock up there with say 4l’s… I come home with 2l’s (and noooo you not going to use it at other parties or the next jol…you will end up throwing it out).

There are millions of other things I could tell you to remember but I’m sure not ALL of you are too useless at organising 🙂 So instead, I found this cool list to make things a little easier for all you Festival Fairies and keen Festival New-Comers.                                           Note : What I would NOT take from the following list would be a mini fan, a grill (many festivals don’t allow these), silverware (just take plastic…cheaper and lighter to carry) and for obvious reasons…grill food. Unless of course they mean “Grill” as in the illegal substance, then no…DONT take that either…security and drug checks are a real thing people!


Party with the right people. Go with people you trust. LOCK YOUR TENT. Take tons of water (some festivals don’t always sell water). Don’t accept drinks from ANYONE…sadly not even the people you feel you may be friends with. Be alert. Take too many photos!!! And have a cracker of a time.

Happy stomping all you lovely readers xx

Blessings, Roxanne!!!





We’ll be Rocking The Daisies


Tent. Sleeping bag. Party gear. My Scattered Heart Attire. And we were set. It was finally here… I had been building up to this all year…my first ever Rocking The Daisies experience (or rather my first ever festival experience really).

I am already excited for next year.

The venue, the set up, the festival fairies, the company, the weather and the music was more than I could ask for. It was a weekend I will never forget…(seriously though, I DO remember everything).

Each and every daisy-goer were on their own mission. Dressing, drinking, dancing and doing whatever and however they wanted to. Its not often you get to go to a place and just NOT care what people think…because seriously…they DONT.

Though I did not drink a lot over the weekend (if anything at all), I still danced my heart out. If I am correct, I know I was partying from 5 Saturday afternoon to 5 the next morning. I literally just danced all night. If you had to ask me what my favorite or most memorable moment was, it would be when my friends (Sarah and Hudson) and I were right in the middle of the massive crowd watching MGMT. The song ‘Kids’ started playing, right at that moment…around 20,000 voices were screaming and hands were lifted in the air – It was breathtaking.

All the acts I saw were far from disappointing including The Sakawa Boys (seriously South Africans…watch this space), The Moths, Jeremy Loops (always a pleasure watching Mr Loops), Beatenberg, Goodluck (for various reasons), The Presets, Pascal and Pearce, Rudimental Dj Set, Crystal Fighters (my favorite) and MGMT.

Though I am no Festival Guru yet, I do have some tips to share if you are planning on losing your Daisy Virginity next year. Please, learn from what I learned. This, all in the spirit of becoming a well geared festival fairy.

1. Wetwipes! Wetwipes, wetwipes, wetwipes. Seriously though, wetwipes!
2. Sunscreen (yes I forgot to bring this vital piece with all the other crap I took)
3. Tomy Shoes. I spent 80% of my time there, barefoot. At night – this is a mistake. You also do a hell of a lot of walking. So rock those sneakers and All Stars.
4. Take a lilo. This is one of the first things Ill be packing for the dam on those hot days.
5. If you plan on going the Thursday, go early…like, as soon as the gates open. Otherwise expect to stand a few hours and get a t-shirt tan.
6. Take enough cash. Yes they have snap scan (though a lot of the shopping stalls don’t) and a few times it happened that the atm was not working or ran out of cash)
7. Photos, photos, footage, photos. Really, I didn’t take nearly enough photos and I regret it. If you have a Gopro…even better because you can then swim with it too. I find videos are also really important of your festival experience.

Im sure there are many more tips, but Im sure before next years RTD I’ll post a full “guide” according to my experience.

See you all at Daisies 2015