Our Chasing Cars Roadtrip (Part 2)


The next part of our adventure was a night in the Golden Gate National Park where we stayed at Glen Reenen Rest Camp. By this time on our trip, Sean and I were so organised and accustomed to our little jobs when it came to setting up camp. Sean would set up the tent while I would unpack the table, chairs, supplies, gas bottle and get a rubbish bag sorted. Then he would pump up the mattress and I would make the bed. Quick, easy and neat – just the way I like it! It was this part of the trip where we started getting that “In-the-middle-of-nowhere-camping” vibe with the wild animals and being surrounded by the majestic mountains of the park.

After we had set up we went for a drive up to all the view points. Those mountains looked like they could have gone on for miles and miles, gone on forever. Vast, great, splendid and magnificent. How can one even describe such a sight? Our evening was ended off with yet another delicious meal made by my very handy boyfriend (Did i mention he cooked EVERY meal? I know…How lucky am I?) and a glass of Amarula which became a standard routine for every night before bedtime. Dinner was always followed by me washing the dishes and packing the equipment and supplies away so nothing got wet or stolen during the night. Something I loved about this place was the bathrooms and the communal kitchen. They were clean, had hot water and plug points and the facilities were sufficient. Sadly we only stayed here for 1 night – but I see us going back for much longer in the near future.


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Our route then led us to the peak of our trip and the campsite we would stay the longest…The Drakensburg. We stayed at a lovely campsite outside Underberg called Silver Streams Caravan Park. This was definitely my favourite part of the trip. How could it not be? Have you SEEN how beautiful it is in the Berg?

It really was a beautiful campsite. We set our tent up so it was facing the stunning view of the hills and mountains. There was no swimming pool but there was a stream that ran along the edge of the campsite (which was so much better than any old man made pool) and it also provided a swing rope which, of course, Sean used as much as he could. The bathrooms were clean, they had laundry facilities, a convenience store up the road, horse riding trails and waterfalls near the site too…we were more than happy to stay for 4 nights.

We went for a walk down to the little waterfall which used to rush with water all year round, but unfortunately they were having a drought so the tubes we hired were used to pretty much just float around on while catching a tan at the same time (I was not complaining). We also had the chance to go on a 3 hour horse ride through the mountain – I don’t know what we were thinking doing this in the heat we were experiencing – but in the end, the scorching heat was worth it. The horses we had were a little stubborn and misbehaved, but that was all forgotten when we got to the natural pool the horse trail led to. I have never seen anything quite this magical. It was literally as though we were in a movie and I was a mermaid about to dive into my crystal clear sanctuary. It’s clear blue water, the waterfall flowing into the pond and the smoothest of smooth rocks you could use to sit on in the water…it was literally like a photo you would use as your computer screensaver or something. If there is anything I would want to do again, it would be to swim in that beautiful pool again.

The day before we were supposed to leave, our trip was unfortunately cut short due to excessive rain and a flooded camp site. So we packed up and headed to Kokstad where we stayed at a BnB before we headed to our final stop…East London.




We stayed 2 nights at Nature’s Rest in East London. Sadly, our trip was coming to an end and this was our last stop. I can’t say the service was too great and they didn’t have the best facilities but…It really was in a beautiful location and we made our time worth it (even though it was raining on and off too).

We decided to make our bed in the Kombi and move all our supplies to the middle of the tent due to the leak the tent’s windows had. I think we did pretty well when making our makeshift-kombi-bed, considering the circumstances. We were set up and ready for whatever weather could befall us.

Despite all the negatives of our stay at Nature’s Rest, when I look at the time I had with Sean, it could very well be one of my favourite times of the trip with him. We were absolutely content with just playing cards, doing some Sudoku, playing Mancala and watching series on my laptop…we were so content with just being in each others company. We laughed. We chatted about serious stuff. We chatted about light-hearted stuff. I was just pretty happy right there, sitting across from him in the Kombi with the fold up table between us. It kinda got me thinking, “Hey, you know…I could be stuck in a stationary combo for hours on end with you, any day.”




Far too quickly, we were on our way home. Our adventure had come to an end. 11 of the most magical days spent with my best friend and partner in crime. I dream about this trip more than I care to admit. I think about it daily. Today I had to take out the tent again and clean it and fold it back up and pack it away properly. I had been putting this off for over a month…maybe I just didn’t want to let go quite yet of the incredible adventure we had.

So, I now think and plan and dream of our next adventure. Our next trip as the Travelling Wilbury’s. We are now, avid and professional campers. We can face any conditions. We will be prepared. With Sean’s strength and cooking skills and my constant organising and OCD tendencies…we will be able to conquer any old camping mishap and be willing to chase and cars.

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Often my mind drifts back to the time i walked with him and saw the stars, or when we swam in that mermaid pool or when we were playing cards and he was slaying me, a single thought never fails to pop up…”THIS is what I live for. These are the times I want to share with him forever.”


God Bless,

The Transformed Adventure Seeker,






Our Chasing Cars Roadtrip (Part 1)

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This is one holiday my mind always goes back to and my heart always longs for. The holiday I went on a roadtrip with the love of my life who also happens to be my best friend.

It all started with wanting to go camping in Hogsback for a night or two. Then my dad jumped in and said, “Or…why don’t the 2 of you do a camping roadtrip up around Lesotho to the Drakensburg then back again. You can take mom’s kombi too. It’s perfect to travel in.” It took no convincing at all for Sean and myself to decide…That’s exactly what we want to do!

After months of anticipation, planning and excitement…we had planned out a route that would take us through Graaf-Reinet, Gariep Dam, Goldengate National Park, Drakensburg, East London and back home. My mom’s old model VW kombi was packed with all our camping gear, food and supplies…and we were en route to our first destination – Graaf Reinet. IMG_3741.JPG

I never actually realised how beautiful this little town is. It is clean, the people are friendly and it holds so much history and culture. We stayed for 2 nights at Profcon Resort, a little campsite in town. There was a lovely gazebo provided on our campsite and had clean ablutions, hot showers and a swimming pool (which we used VERY often). Whilst we were there we took a drive up to Camdeboo National Park to see The Valley Of Desolation – how remarkable. Just another part of South Africa where God was showing off His divine majesty. We also got to explore an old military museum in the town centre. All of these activities were always followed by a swim in the pool to try rinse off the blistering heat of Graaf Reinet. This was also where Sean and myself had to stock up on a cooler box, ice, a fire grid, pins for the tent and camping chairs – because we are idiots and forgot some of the vital items needed for camping. But hey, live and learn.



On our way to Gariep Dam we decided to make a quick stop in Nieu Bethesda to see the infamous “Owl House” which I had written an exam on for my first year in English. I had always wanted to see it so Sean agreed to stop off (even though it took us on an hour long detour). It is a lovely, quaint little town with an artsy vibe you can’t ignore. The “Owl House” though, I would not say is as bubbly as the word “artsy”, more creepy actually. Alas, creepy or not, I believe this house is something any tourist or “lover of beautiful things” should see. All I know is, Miss Martins (the deceased owner of the house) must have been cooked!IMG_3885


We left Nieu Bethesda and headed for Gariep Dam, we stayed here for 2 nights. Hot is not the word I would use – Blistering? Searing? Sweltering maybe? But, despite the heat, we were luckily traveling quite early in December so the campsites weren’t too busy yet. This left us with a great amount of options, including sites with massive trees which shaded us from the sun. While we were there, even though it was what felt like 45 degrees, Sean and I went on a little hike around the dam. The dam was sadly very very dry. Though this did give us more space to explore and gave us more of an idea on how desperate this part of the world is for water.

I think my favourite part of our time there had to be the one night where we just could not sleep because it was just too hot. So Sean and i got our swimsuits on and decided to go for sneaky midnight dip in the pool. I was standing outside the tent waiting for Sean to zip the door closed when something told me to look up – I should thank God every day for making me look up that evening – to behold something so indescribable. The black sky was lit up by millions, billions and trillions of stars. The sky was so clear you could see the milky way spread up above and over our heads. As though this evening could not get any better and could not be more blessed – We were walking hand in hand, both of us looking up at the sky and talking of it’s excellence, a shooting star shot straight across the sky. We both saw it. Together. How many people get to say that? It’s these little brilliant moments in my life I could cling to forever. It brought the biggest smiles across our faces and I remember just looking to my side, to this divine human being I was walking with and I leant over and gave him a big sloppy kiss on his cheek and I squeezed his hand. It is so odd how that sort of thing can make you all gooey inside. The stars I tell you, they are the most romantic thing.




I’m going to leave this post there for now. I could write about it forever and a day. So I think it’s best I break it up into parts.

Watch this space for more stories on our unforgettable adventure


Love, Light and Blessings