A Shoot with the Brilliant, Martijn Roos!


Don’t you just love it when something unexpected happens? Like when your boyfriend agrees to be in a shoot which a photographer offered you??

Yip. It really happened. A photographer from Holland contacted me on Facebook and asked if myself and my boyfriend would be interested in doing a “couple” shoot for him. A few days later, I sheepishly asked my other half if we would be interested and he said, “Ya, that’s fine my love”. So…being the keen-bean for all things “modelling-based”, I was immediately organising outfits, locations, themes and dates with Martijn.Martijn Roos-7645

Where do I start? How do I explain this incredible experience we had? Well, I can only try my best…try my best to paint the picture of that day. Firstly, the location was perfect and so much fun to work around. The shoot was located at the Wijnland Auto museum which was pretty much a massive property with hundreds of incredible classic and vintage (some very well past vintage) cars. Our Photographer, Martijn, was one of the coolest people I had ever worked with. For our first ever couple shoot, Martijn was the perfect person to do it with. He makes you feel so comfortable. He tells you exactly what he wants so you don’t feel awkward (which I think is his way of making you relax until you start doing your own thing – which is when he starts ferociously snapping away). If Sean and I have to just look at him – without the fact that he was actually some random guy who was a photographer taking snaps of us – he is kind, he is friendly, he has a good sense of humour, he is down to earth, he is very passionate and of course…he is so ridiculously talented.

This being myself and Sean’s first ever couple shoot, we were a little nervous and felt a little awkward. luckily though, Martijn is the kind of photographer that can really just make you “feel at home”, if that makes sense. Eventually Sean and I were just doing our own thing, as though we were at home having a cuddle in front of the TV or going for a stroll on the beach…we kind of felt “ourselves” after a while.



It was amazing what this shoot did for us. You would think being forced to cuddle and be all cute together would be lame…surprisingly…it wasn’t! I think, maybe, it’s exactly what we needed. This year has been hard for us. There has been massive amounts of work given for varsity and we have both been stressed to the max…I think to the point where we kind of forgot (or didn’t have time) to sort of just appreciate each other…kind of show that we still seriously are…I don’t know…in love? Whatever it was…it worked…and I loved every second of it.

What made this even better? Martijn was so comfortable to be around and really urged us to kiss or cuddle or “whisper-sweet-nothings”…so eventually we were just like”…ok dude, fine! you’re in for it!”


I hope you enjoy the shots and please feel free to check out Martijn’s Facebook┬ápage and his blog…(where we feature)!!



God Bless and happy Thursday!