My first We Love Summer

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I finally attended my first ever We Love Summer…and it definitely won’t be my last!

This has to be one of my favourite events I have ever been to. Everything about it was so on point and of course the crew I went with…made it even better.

The venue – Bluerock Waterski Club in Somersetwest – was breathtaking and the weather was perfect. The set up was organised and easily accessible. I never stood in the line for the bar longer than 2 minutes. The only hack I found was the line for the ladies bathrooms (though this seems to be a problem at most parties or events).


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Dressing up and getting ready for this much anticipated event was a serious glitter-flash tattoo-bindi-face jewels-festival outfit kind of do. The sun was out, the excitement was building, the laughter was on point – We were ready to attend our very first We Love Summer (after waiting a whole year). I would go on and on about the incredible human-beings I went with, but I’ll just leave it at “I wouldn’t have had it any other way.” We were in my little car (My dearly beloved white Toyota Tazz, we call her Tazmin) and on our way. The girls were popping bottles of champagne on the backseat and the deep house tunes were blaring. The exact sort of vibe needed to get seriously keen for a good party.

The arrival was a bit of an anti-climax. Firstly, getting pulled over before we even entered the event parking lot we were told to discard ALL alcohol…might I add, there was a lot. Luckily my alcohol free beers could stay and I was even allowed to take it in with me to the festival area. Then finding out that THIS specific event, they decided to be super strict about the “no-under-21s” (please note that if you know Lauren Cowing, you can just imagine how the stress-pot was reacting) and with pretty much half the crew being under-21, it was a major let down…but of course…the oldies (Danielle and myself) had a plan. After some chatting and giggling like little girls and planning, it worked! We got the youngsters in and we had finally entered “paradise”

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The drinks were expensive (but lucky for me, the water and cold drinks weren’t too bad), the food was pretty average, but the music….Oh the music! After all, that is what we came for right? I hadn’t danced in a while before WLS. All I can say is, I danced my little heart out. Let loose the trance fairy in me and the silly stomper. The day time was cool, but the evening was even better. The lights, the flashes, the music, the fire dancers, the massive bonfire…it was so rad. Im not sure I stopped moving the entire evening (while also not drinking, which is still a huge accomplishment for me). I guess when you haven’t been out or able to party in so long and also know it won’t be for a while again after this…you kind of just take full advantage of it.

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After an evening of receiving a little angel from some random guy( who apparently gives one of these little items to one specific person at every festival he goes to), trying to get rid of the little foreigner who would NOT leave Amy alone, bunting an old man who wanted to “party” with us and searching high and low for Amy’s missing/stolen shoe…

We left the party with sore feet, happy hearts, a million photos and memories I will hold on to forever.

Till next time WLS, the crew will be seeing you again




Synergy Live 2015

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Synergy – one of the best festivals I’ve EVER been to – Seeing as though we are reminiscing about 2015 and all…I’ll tell you a bit about it.

It was myself, Sean, Sean’s brother (Patrick) and 3 of his friends (Mike, Sam, Sim – they are too cool not to be named). The Crew. The Crew ready to kill it at Synergy in celebration of Patricks 21st. Man was it an awesome crowd to jol with at a festival like this.


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I would honestly choose this festival over Rocking The Daisies…anytime. Less people. Less pressure. Less fuss. More fun. Nicer people and more…I don’t know…space? I like space…space to dance and do my thing. Daisies has a serious lack of this where Synergy had just the right amount of it.

The campsite is one thing I will most definitely rave about. It had us in awe throughout our time there. Despite the fact that we were trying to set up our tents in gale force winds, the site and positioning of the camp was beautiful. Lot’s of space; so you not camping on top of eachother. We also had an emaculent view of the dam that ran along the side of the festival. Waking up to this in the mornings was more than we could ask for (even if you had a slight hangover).

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The different festival tents were spaced out perfectly…each having their own feel to them with the sickest sounds. From a psychedelic trance tent to a summer vibes beach bar to the ¬†epic Main Stage which had a line up of acts such as Matthew Mole, Al Blairre, Jeremy Loops, Sibot, Shortstraw and Crystal Castles. It was….insane! The only downside, I have to mention, was the fact that you couldn’t bring alcohol into the festival area. This obviously then means that you will be spending money unnecessarily on alcohol you actually already had. It’s not a problem though if you don’t drink, like myself (we’ll get into that later).

The vibe was pumping. The music was insane. The people were friendly. The campsite was stunning and not to mention the food was lovely and they even had an awesome Iced Coffee and Fresh Juice van.

This was MY kind of festival. I can’t wait to see what Synergy 2026 has in store for us!


Watch this space for my “Surviving the Festival Season” post…coming soon!

Love and Light,





Living in The Mother City

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2015 has most definitly been one of my better years.

Falling in love with someone that makes me feel a new sense of thrill in life, making friends I don’t think I will ever forget, studying something I absolutely love and enjoy, going on adventures I think about everyday and of course…living in one of my favourite cities.


Cape Town is one of the most sought after cities in the world with it’s lush greenery, the magnificent mountain ranges, constant flow of “things to do” and its well known reputation for being one of the ‘vibeiest’, cosmopolitan spots around. It has clean water (clean enough to drink) and well maintained roads. Though this city indeed does have all these much wanted characteristics. It has its weaknesses too.

Constant traffic, lack of parking then paying criminal prices for the parking you MIGHT find, the cliques among the people that live there which are hard to avoid, the constant feeling as though you need to dress or look a certain way and just the general expense of living in such a profound city.

Just little things. Those little things that can put you in a small period of rage or make you feel irritable or even sad.

No. These things do not make me dislike this beautiful city. I’m not sure anything could ever quite do that. But little things I think this world could do without.

All in all though…it boils down to what you allow in your day to day schedule. The people you surround yourself with. The places you choose to go to. It can, in the end, all be avoided too. That’s what’s great about the city…it is your oyster…you have options, copious amounts.


I love living here. I don’t like being away for too long. If there is one thing I can say about The Mother City, is that God sure spent a heck of alot of time in creating it. The mountains, the ocean, the beutiful vegetation, the stunning beaches…it all boasts about its Creator. Everywhere. All round you. All the time.

Last year, 2015, Cape Town was good to me. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me there this year.

God Bless!