A Shoot with the Brilliant, Martijn Roos!


Don’t you just love it when something unexpected happens? Like when your boyfriend agrees to be in a shoot which a photographer offered you??

Yip. It really happened. A photographer from Holland contacted me on Facebook and asked if myself and my boyfriend would be interested in doing a “couple” shoot for him. A few days later, I sheepishly asked my other half if we would be interested and he said, “Ya, that’s fine my love”. So…being the keen-bean for all things “modelling-based”, I was immediately organising outfits, locations, themes and dates with Martijn.Martijn Roos-7645

Where do I start? How do I explain this incredible experience we had? Well, I can only try my best…try my best to paint the picture of that day. Firstly, the location was perfect and so much fun to work around. The shoot was located at the Wijnland Auto museum which was pretty much a massive property with hundreds of incredible classic and vintage (some very well past vintage) cars. Our Photographer, Martijn, was one of the coolest people I had ever worked with. For our first ever couple shoot, Martijn was the perfect person to do it with. He makes you feel so comfortable. He tells you exactly what he wants so you don’t feel awkward (which I think is his way of making you relax until you start doing your own thing – which is when he starts ferociously snapping away). If Sean and I have to just look at him – without the fact that he was actually some random guy who was a photographer taking snaps of us – he is kind, he is friendly, he has a good sense of humour, he is down to earth, he is very passionate and of course…he is so ridiculously talented.

This being myself and Sean’s first ever couple shoot, we were a little nervous and felt a little awkward. luckily though, Martijn is the kind of photographer that can really just make you “feel at home”, if that makes sense. Eventually Sean and I were just doing our own thing, as though we were at home having a cuddle in front of the TV or going for a stroll on the beach…we kind of felt “ourselves” after a while.



It was amazing what this shoot did for us. You would think being forced to cuddle and be all cute together would be lame…surprisingly…it wasn’t! I think, maybe, it’s exactly what we needed. This year has been hard for us. There has been massive amounts of work given for varsity and we have both been stressed to the max…I think to the point where we kind of forgot (or didn’t have time) to sort of just appreciate each other…kind of show that we still seriously are…I don’t know…in love? Whatever it was…it worked…and I loved every second of it.

What made this even better? Martijn was so comfortable to be around and really urged us to kiss or cuddle or “whisper-sweet-nothings”…so eventually we were just like”…ok dude, fine! you’re in for it!”


I hope you enjoy the shots and please feel free to check out Martijn’s Facebook page and his blog…(where we feature)!!



God Bless and happy Thursday!






The Panic Mechanic 


Hi…I’m Roxanne and I am a stresspot.
Anxiety is a well known friend of mine and it’s a friendship I could probably do without. But then I think…what would I be…who would I be without it?

This may sound a little mellow dramatic but hear me out a second. Who would I be if I didnt lie awake at night making lists in my head, so scared I may forget something. Or sit in class and mull over each and EVERY project I have lined up and each and EVERY part of EVERY module I have that I am battling with. Then there are the days when your mom is not replying to your messages or sends one-worded responses or when you feel so sick in your stomach because you haven’t been to gym the past week and you feel like your skin is bulging over your tights and your arms feel like they flap when you wave or my absolute worst…when your pants get caught under your bum when you’re pulling them up (come on ladies, we all know this far too well).

Little things. But as every anxious or anxiety-prone person would know…these are the things that can very quickly define us.


I guess you could say a bit of my anxiety flares from areas I can’t even pinpoint. You know, when you feeling a little stressed out and something is eating away at the back of your mind and you feel a constant clench in your stomach but you have NO IDEA what it is. This is something my friend Amy calls “feeling App” (App being short for apprehensive – duh). App is real. It is so so so real. It tends to flare when you’re having a fight with your boyfriend and you’re stuck with nitty-gritty whatsapp messages, or you’re worried about wether you will have enough allowance left to buy food or that ticket to We Love Summer or the lunch you planning on having with the crew. Another horrible trigger for this evil little “bug” is when you think someone is unhappy with you…or you think you have offended someone or said the wrong thing – this is something that can cause some serious stomach clenching for me. Then there are the basics : tests, exams (don’t we all know it), family feuds, traffic, time management, social anxiety etc.

Right now, at this point of my life, I am facing constant waves of App. It involves the fact that I have not been to gym in 2 weeks even though my gym is literally a minutes walking distance – this of course making anything I try on an absolute disaster because as us ridiculous female species do…we think we have picked up a ton. This unfortunately controls a lot of how I feel and how my stress levels are managed (a blog post on this topic soon to follow). I do not exactly eat (App tends to do this to you too). The work load we are getting this year for my degree which involves learning a new language, making items such as awareness dolls, activity MATS, beanbags, skipping ropes, balancing apparatus, makeshift bats and balls etc…and FIVE story books which have to be DRAWN and coloured on A3 card, each being about 15pages long (did I mention I cannot draw to save my life? And how LONG this is going to take). On top of this, I am looking for a job to earn a little extra and keep myself busy so I don’t have time to over think things or go mad.


Now…how do we get trough this App and anxiety and stress and these sleepless evenings?We pray.

Every morning. Every evening. You pray.

Pray for strength to carry your cross everyday. Pray for wisdom to make the right decisions. Pray for courage to face what lies ahead of you. Pray for patience to wait for what is right for you and what God has so carefully planned JUST for you.

Pray. For yourself and those loved ones of yours who also wake up every morning having no idea where to even start.

He will hear you and He will LISTEN (in my degree have learned about the big difference between the two)!

God Bless,

Keep up the good work. Don’t look at how far you have to go, look at how far you have come.



Cutting It Out


Yes, it’s true. I don’t drink. Not anymore anyway. And quite frankly I hope to keep it that way. 

It was a decision I made on the 23rd of December 2015. I like that sort of thing. Keeping track of your accomplishments and seeing how far you have come to just urge you to carry on.

I will admit. It wasnt just a sudden decision. It’s actually something I have thought about for quite a long time…2yrs now if I’m not mistaken. I’ll try explain why – I would always picture this : One evening Im at a bar with friends or at a restaurant about to give my order…I get offered a glass of wine or a shot or a vodka and sprite (this was my go to drink) and I simply reply with, “Oh thank you, but I don’t drink.”                     

Imagine being able to say that? “I don’t drink.” Not just a “not tonight” or “nahh that’s not my kind of drink”…a straight up, “I don’t drink.” Somehow, for so long, that’s what I have aspired to be. To be THAT person.  

Of course, being 22 and deciding not to drink anymore right in the middle of season in St. Francis Bay where the party is always happening…it makes it challenging. My answer when my friends or parents or just ANYONE would ask why…”Well, it never brought any good into my life. So why keep it in my life?” *smiles then walks away dramatically* My go to line. My conversation killer. My truth. Because that’s just it. It’s the truth. An extremely summarised and simplified truth…but a truth nonetheless. 

So many years all it has brought was too many regret-filled mornings, terrible hangovers, 2 or 3 evenings where I was paraletic and lucky to have survived, a broken foot, dragging my name through the dirt – which by the way is something I have been taught all my life to work hard to avoid. Not just for the people around me, but in God’s name.

In the end, to get right down to it, I don’t like what it does to most people. How most people view alcohol. I don’t like what my friends become when they drink or the fact that so many people see it as their vice, their go to stress reliever, the only way they know how to be social. You don’t need it to have fun. I have always known this. Now, I’m just actually trying it.

Look…Ive had some good times and massive parties while drinking. Times we really did enjoy. I don’t deny that. But when I look at the bigger picture. When I look at my life. When I look at what it is actually doing to us…it goes so much deeper than just a good party. Then I think…am I the person I want to be when I am drinking? Is that the person I want my family to see? Is that the person I want my kids to see one day? Is that someone that is after God’s own heart? 

I’ll just leave that there,

God bless,

The reformed alcohol-consumer,


Living in The Mother City

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2015 has most definitly been one of my better years.

Falling in love with someone that makes me feel a new sense of thrill in life, making friends I don’t think I will ever forget, studying something I absolutely love and enjoy, going on adventures I think about everyday and of course…living in one of my favourite cities.


Cape Town is one of the most sought after cities in the world with it’s lush greenery, the magnificent mountain ranges, constant flow of “things to do” and its well known reputation for being one of the ‘vibeiest’, cosmopolitan spots around. It has clean water (clean enough to drink) and well maintained roads. Though this city indeed does have all these much wanted characteristics. It has its weaknesses too.

Constant traffic, lack of parking then paying criminal prices for the parking you MIGHT find, the cliques among the people that live there which are hard to avoid, the constant feeling as though you need to dress or look a certain way and just the general expense of living in such a profound city.

Just little things. Those little things that can put you in a small period of rage or make you feel irritable or even sad.

No. These things do not make me dislike this beautiful city. I’m not sure anything could ever quite do that. But little things I think this world could do without.

All in all though…it boils down to what you allow in your day to day schedule. The people you surround yourself with. The places you choose to go to. It can, in the end, all be avoided too. That’s what’s great about the city…it is your oyster…you have options, copious amounts.


I love living here. I don’t like being away for too long. If there is one thing I can say about The Mother City, is that God sure spent a heck of alot of time in creating it. The mountains, the ocean, the beutiful vegetation, the stunning beaches…it all boasts about its Creator. Everywhere. All round you. All the time.

Last year, 2015, Cape Town was good to me. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me there this year.

God Bless!


The Long Overdue Update


Where do I start? How does one pick up after over a year of missing information. Missing stories and emotions and experiences?

Though my last post was posted in May 2015, it was meant to be posted in December 2014. Yes…THAT is how slack I have been with my blogging. But I want to change that. I want to be consistent this year with all its “ins and outs” and “ups and downs”. I want to keep writing. Even if it IS just for me. Anyone ever told you how good it feels to write about those infinite moments, those unforgettable experiences? Give it a try.

So, to try keep up to date and NOT fall horrendously behind…I will try sum up the past year in roughly 4 posts. Each post will be based on a specific topic. A topic I feel will give you a wide enough idea of what the hell has been going on in my life since my last update. These topics will include – Living in Cape Town. Being a 1st year B.Ed student. An awesome Festival I got to be part of and the roadtrip I went on with my boyfriend, Sean.

Though these posts will never cover exactly what has happened, what I have felt, what I have learned and what I have experienced…it will do well enough to give you perspective on how far I have come since the rollercoaster year of 2014.

Im glad to be back. Im glad to be writing again. In the end, other than reading, this is my favourite way to indulge in time alone. Free time if anything.

To end off this post, Ill leave you with a few things I have learned and discovered over the past 14 months. They may not be significant to others but to me, the significance is monumental.
– Broken hearts DO mend. Time DOES heal. God WILL make it easier for you to move on. Just trust in Him

– Cape Town is expensive. Being a student in this place can take a toll on your poor little wallet…if you aren’t careful.

– Sometimes not knowing something is better. Ignorance really can be bliss

– Children pay attention to so much more than what you realise. Be careful what you say and do around them. Their minds are like sponges.

– Skipping 4 days of gym really can set you back by 2 weeks.

– I have learned that if something does no good in your life…don’t keep it as part of it. Let it go. Therefore, I no longer drink alcohol. Almost one month clean of all alcoholic beverages. It feels good. I feel fresh.

– A trance festival/party at night is only something the brave and the bold can endure.

Till next time,

God bless!

Roxanne-Colour-128 (Custom)

Photo by Sean Bennetts