Synergy Live 2015

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Synergy – one of the best festivals I’ve EVER been to – Seeing as though we are reminiscing about 2015 and all…I’ll tell you a bit about it.

It was myself, Sean, Sean’s brother (Patrick) and 3 of his friends (Mike, Sam, Sim – they are too cool not to be named). The Crew. The Crew ready to kill it at Synergy in celebration of Patricks 21st. Man was it an awesome crowd to jol with at a festival like this.


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I would honestly choose this festival over Rocking The Daisies…anytime. Less people. Less pressure. Less fuss. More fun. Nicer people and more…I don’t know…space? I like space…space to dance and do my thing. Daisies has a serious lack of this where Synergy had just the right amount of it.

The campsite is one thing I will most definitely rave about. It had us in awe throughout our time there. Despite the fact that we were trying to set up our tents in gale force winds, the site and positioning of the camp was beautiful. Lot’s of space; so you not camping on top of eachother. We also had an emaculent view of the dam that ran along the side of the festival. Waking up to this in the mornings was more than we could ask for (even if you had a slight hangover).

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The different festival tents were spaced out perfectly…each having their own feel to them with the sickest sounds. From a psychedelic trance tent to a summer vibes beach bar to the  epic Main Stage which had a line up of acts such as Matthew Mole, Al Blairre, Jeremy Loops, Sibot, Shortstraw and Crystal Castles. It was….insane! The only downside, I have to mention, was the fact that you couldn’t bring alcohol into the festival area. This obviously then means that you will be spending money unnecessarily on alcohol you actually already had. It’s not a problem though if you don’t drink, like myself (we’ll get into that later).

The vibe was pumping. The music was insane. The people were friendly. The campsite was stunning and not to mention the food was lovely and they even had an awesome Iced Coffee and Fresh Juice van.

This was MY kind of festival. I can’t wait to see what Synergy 2026 has in store for us!


Watch this space for my “Surviving the Festival Season” post…coming soon!

Love and Light,






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