The 1st year of Educational Studies

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imageIt surprises me more and more how, after all this time, it never just jumped out at me that THIS is what I am meant to be studying. In all those years it never even crossed my mind. I was too busy looking for things to study that would suit my lifestyle at the time or my interests. Never looking so much further ahead, the way it should be done.


Last year, 2015, was my first year as a B.Ed Foundation Phase student. The first year of the 4 to 5 years (depending on wether I decide to brave the Remedial year or not).


Nothing could have prepared me for how much work this was going to involve. How much time was going to have to be dedicated to making pen holders and paintbrushes and filling in practical workbooks. But man, do I love what I study.

I think choosing to study at Varsity College Rhondebosch was the best thing I could have done (even though it means I have to deal with UNISA). The set up is perfect, the classes are small and of course…it meant I got to meet the group of friends I now see as some of my best friends. I think maybe, the fact that I get to sit with these precious girls in class everyday makes the studies and work load a little less…i don’t know…boring?


Then there is of course the time of the year where we have our Teaching Practical period – this runs over 4-6weeks. Right here is where all of us “teaching-wannabes” get put to the test in ALL aspects. Just a few examples to give you an idea of how my experience was – How much snot can you wipe off a 3 year old’s face? What can you do to convince little Taylor to eat her food (or just at least a spoonful?). How many times can you really wipe tiny bums after they’re done on the loo or how can you politely tell little Travis to keep his hands out his pants? Then of course, there are the little things that happen during the day that affect you directly such as…not being able to go to the loo because the little ones just don’t actually leave you alone, getting paint all over your jersey because they tend to toss their paintings at you or constantly being asked, “Teacher Roxanne, why do you have THREE earrings in one ear?”

Oh but alas…this does make me laugh. It makes me smile. It makes me happy.

Teaching REALLY is a calling. There is not a bone in my body that believes ‘anyone can teach’. If you believe this….sorry dude…you are wrong. To teach little kids anyway.

Despite the fact that sometime in the future I will get home everyday covered in paint and have cook marks all over my hands and possibly have reminents of food stuck under my shoe from lunch that day and the fact that I will be absolutely exhausted by the time I get into bed each school night…I would not swap this for the world.

Working with these kids is far too rewarding. Far too interesting. I learn far too much from THEM to ever doubt my career choice.


So now…after conquering 1st year and klapping my exams…I face 2nd year. Wish me luck!






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