The big 21!


If ever I have experienced stressful, it would definitely be planning my 21st. Hot damn diggity.

Though the stereo kept cutting out and I hardly got to really ACTUALLY have a proper conversation with any of my friends at the party…it was one to remember.

The theme? A Hawaiian Luau 🌸.

Without my mom’s help planning this special occasion it would not have been anywhere near as incredible as it was.

The decor made you feel as though you were at a legitimate Luau (though the weather was not playing along – as my friend Fish said “Its quite cold in a Hawaii” – and knowing Fish you’d know why this is hilarious.) My guests couldn’t get enough of the food. The cake was made by a friend of my mom’s and had people in awe. I even had some lovely Red Bull promoters come around and hand out free cans of energy (all thanks to my friend Mikayla for organising it).

As cold as the evening was I persisted in staying in my luau attire which consisted of nothing else but my bikini and something plastic wrapped around my waist which resembled a Hawaiian grass skirt. I mean, come on, the birthday girl had to stay in character.

A huge help was having a photographer to take the photos during the course of the evening. After so many birthday parties before, I was tired of being photographer and wanted some professional shots of the occasion. Heidi didn’t fail to deliver.

As many of my friends may know, I am one for speeches. By the time the speeches came about everyone was already well “on their way to party mode”, including me. So with great confidence I got up on a chair in our living room in front of +/- 70 people to present a heartfelt speech dedicated to my friends and family for coming all the way to celebrate with me as well as thank my parents for being awesome. This speech was then followed by a speech from my sister, which then was followed by more shots, cake and beer pong.

The party, unfortunately, ended early as the speaker kept cutting out and we were stuck with my pathetic little stereo. So, my friends and I left the “older friends” at home and we headed out to the infamous Legends in town.

All in all, as I said before, it was a party to remember. I had people there that meant the world to me. People who really cared for me and supported me over the years, especially the few months before my party.

I know I had the opportunity to maybe travel instead of throw a party, but I’m not sure I would change that evening or swap it…for anything.

So thanks again to those who shared it with me, next one coming soon.

God Bless,


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