Mozambique You Beauty


1 week after I got home from Israel, I up and left with my dad for Mozambique.

My dad got his boat, fishing rods and a mate set and were good to go. Me – still with my foot in a brace – all set up with my bikinis, sun tan lotion, mosquito “repellents” and our GoPro…I was as ready as I could possibly be for a trip to Mozambique for a 10day fishing trip.

A long 3 day trip later. We arrived at our humble abode near Morongulu…which is around 8hours from the South African border.
My dad was at home. A hut just at the foot of the beach. The locals, which have become his family over the many years he has come here. The coconuts. The matapa. The fishing. It is my dad’s piece of heaven.

Ive been coming here for years with my family. Ive seen the way the locals live. Their simplicity. Their humbleness. You can’t help but have that rub off on you…make you appreciate all you have. The children are beautiful. So much innocence and ignorance in the way they play and ask the tourists for sweets. They know no better than what they have. And they are happy. They learn to look after themselves from such a young age. In a country like this…its all you have.

Ive seen the way the beach can look like a wreck after an extreme high-tide with all the washed up coconut trees and seaweed.

Where I was really able take in the wonders this place has to offer was out at sea. There were 3 days in a row that i went out fishing with my dad. I always thought the part where you race out into sea against the raging waves was the fun part, damn was I wrong.

The ocean is so…i don’t know…vast? Well, obviously…it covers 70% of the earth…but when you are out there on your little boat, you are so small. So insignificant compared to what God has put into this earth. For instance, I had the magical experience of seeing the most magnificent wales breaching so close to our boat. Whole families of wales swimming, playing, jumping and leaving myself, my dad and David bewildered. They are the most magnificent creatures (alongside elephants). They go about their own business, making sounds I could listen to all day. Man, what a pleasure to see them EVERY time we were out there on the ‘wide ocean’ (yeah I just quoted from Crystal Fighters).

Also, on our adventures at sea, I, yes me Roxanne, caught an 8kg Wahoo. But in my defense, 8kg is one HELL of a fight. Funny to say, but what a rush. And seeing my dad so happy that I had caught my first big fish, was all I needed to be so content with that small moment in life.

On our way back from Mozam my dad spoiled us with a trip through the Kruger National Park. I think we underestimate how blessed we are as South Africans to have what we have. In that one day that we cruised through the park we saw warthog, giraffe, hippo, fish eagles, hyena, wildebeest, buffalo, impala, zebra elephant – elephant and giraffe being my favorite. Seeing those elephants – those massive and so powerful animals – so close to our car was breathtaking. It was a blessing seeing the little (or massive) elephant families walk across the dry riverbeds. The moms being so protective over their babies.

This world we live in.
Damn, He sure paid attention to every little detail didn’t He?






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