The Final Chapter – My Adventure In Israel


Shalom…So we come to the final chapter.

I guess in the end, it was all about healing, self seeking and growing. I can say though, that I got so much more out of this adventure than I expected.

Healing takes a lot more than just a few months away from home. It takes longer. It takes more. But not from what other people do for you or what they teach you. It’s about what you allow in. What you WANT to learn and accept. I was able to find that I wanted to find peace within myself before I found it in someone else – whether it be in a friend, a family member or a love.

Someone told me once while I was at Yotvata, and I will always cherish this, ‘Don’t think you only loved the way you did because of him. Its so much greater than that. You have that love IN you. You are able to share that love with others. You have the ability to love that way regardless of who it is or what they did to you. You are able to love in ways so many other people cant. Don’t forget that’. I believe this now. I really do. And I know, that I have so much more love to unlock and share. Though I still love and will always love this person, I need to trust that God will send someone whom I can love even more. Even greater.

For now, “I am truly alone and I like it” as Keaton Henson says in his song Lying To You. I want to accept being alone and enjoy time by myself. Finding out what it is I love. What it is I truly do adore. Use this time to grow according to God’s word.

My next step is to start doing things I have never done before.
Start swimming in the ocean even though I fear it. Surfing (maybe). Go fishing with my dad more because you really get to appreciate the world around you.
Travel. Ahhh travel. To see things and places I have yet to experience. And it doesn’t have to be far. Even just here in my own country.
And yes, dance like no one is watching. Feel the sand between my toes and embrace it. Watch the sunset and spread my arms, soaking in all the beauty and love that really does surround us AT ALL TIMES.

Be kind. Be humble. Be friendly. Be You. Its the best way to go.

So if I can leave you with any piece of wisdom or advice that is really close to my heart (actually I am going to share 2 pieces) – God First….always. And I will leave you with a piece of a song I leave with many people. This extract comes from the song ‘You – Keaton Henson’. Do yourselves a favor and have a listen. It’s life changing.

“If you must Fight, Fight with yourself and your thoughts in the night.
If you must Work, Work to leave some part of you on this earth.
If you must Live Darling one…..Just Live”

All my love
God Bless
Roxanne Kotze






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