My Adventure In Israel -Part 2-


On my arrival at Yotvata I was overwhelmed by the greetings of all the workers, kibbutzniks, volunteers and the scorching sun. I was introduced to people from Colombia, Uruguay, Korea, Holland, Germany, Australia…the list goes on. After coming from a small town – somewhat living under a rock – its quite exciting meeting people from all over the world. You experience different cultures, languages, personalities and mannerisms. Like for instance, if an Israeli gives you a drunken slap, its actually because he likes you (really though…its true).

I was assigned as a Date Worker…and man am I glad about it. I learned so much in this field and was literally thrown out of my comfort zone. Climbing trees, bending branches, heights, insects, dirt, waking up at 4 every morning…it was all there and I took it with a “as brave as I can be” face. Im not sure what the big deal was. What the fuss was about that was screaming in my head. But I truly, and really was…proud of myself. I pushed through some really bad migraines, anxiety attacks, countless scratches and bruises all over my body. It felt like I was really stretching the seams of my comfortable little bubble…I think all I have wanted to do was break away from it…have enough space to stretch my arms and not care that a little spider had just fallen down my shirt or that i had sand in my shoes or that the cuts on my arms would probably scar forever.

Maybe what I really loved was the time to think. Even though I went to Israel hoping it would take my mind off things and I would stop thinking about failed love and my future…I ended up thinking there the most. My body was working hard and my hands always busy, but my mind was on a different planet – i would be on the efron up a tree in the fields but my mind was a battlefield. Turns out…its exactly what I needed. Sometimes I found myself trying to stop tears from rolling behind my glasses so colleagues wouldn’t see and sometimes all I could do was smile at some of the things that would come to thought. All in all…I think that time alone with God was all I needed.

Not to mention the impact the people I met had on me. If ever I had met amazing people…it was in Israel. They taught me so much about myself, I can only be forever grateful.

You really get to know people when you spend everyday together – breakfast, lunch and supper. Sleep in the same little house. Swim together. Listen to music together. Drink together. Watch movies together. You become part of a family that no other can compare. Ill never forget this family I was so lucky to be part of.

Anyway, more detail about these beautiful people and our adventures in the next post.

God Bless,






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