My Adventure In Israel -Part 1-


After my year took a little turn I got my flights booked, paper work done, bags packed and headed straight for Israel to work on a Kibbutz.

I was in Tel Aviv for a week with my mom exploring the beautiful city – the markets, restaurants, beaches and night life. The shopping in Israel was definitely one for the books – I was broke in my first week being there. We ate like Kings (or in this case, Queens). Every meal we had never disappointed.

The beaches were a site to see, swarming with tourists and people who just didn’t care what they looked like in their Brazilian cut bikinis and their tiny speedos. Each beach also had an “outside gym” where a lot of the ‘body conscious’ enthusiasts would pump iron or do their pull ups. For fun, my mom and I had fun on the elliptical machine, doing a mini photo shoot of how cool we looked gyming in our bikinis, at the beach (not a lot of people from back home could say this). I also, right there at the gym, made my first friend, Itamar, who I ended up keeping contact with and still hung out with at a later stage. It seems there are many Israeli’s that have been to South Africa for either travel or voluntary purposes.

I also had the chance to visit Jerusalem for a day and walk the Delarosa. It was beyond amazing to see each site we saw, listen to the stories our guide had to share and feel the love that soared from above over The Holy City.
Though most of these sites were run by the Jewish, Catholic and Muslim belief, my mom and I were able to appreciate each landmark in our own way and cherish it just as much.
I think what must have been my favorite site was seeing the Lord’s Prayer written in over 250 languages along the walls of the Church of Pater Noster. We were fortunate enough to witness a Taiwanese tour group sing The Lords Prayer. It was magical. Breathtaking. Had myself and my mom in tears. It made our whole day of walking in the sweltering heat all worth it.

It was a week full of pure laughter with my best friend. I felt somewhat “me” again. I felt I could finally smile and mean it again. It felt as though all the little things that had happened in this year had just lifted and flew away in the wind. All that mattered was those few days in Tel Aviv – me, my mom, wine and pure-utter-silliness and laughter.

Soon my week in Tel Aviv with my mom came to an end and I had to bid her farewell. I was assigned to go to a Kibbutz called Yotvata in the south, close to Eilat. I left for Yotvata on a bus at 6:30am, 22nd June, Sunday morning. I still cant figure what was more heartbreaking, saying goodbye to my mom, not to see her for 3months or that it meant that the most amazing week I had spent with my mom had come to an end. But, as they do, all good things come to an end, and it was time for my soul-seeking adventure to begin.






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