A Look Back


So…Im Roxanne, and Im going to give you “a look back” on my life so far – just so you get a feel for where I come from and where I plan on heading.

I was born on 3 Dec 1993, in Humansdorp, Eastern Cape, SA. My family immediately moved to Johannesburg where we lived for around 5 years. After my dad got tired of the city, we moved to St. Francis Bay back in the Eastern Cape, where we stayed for a year then moved 20mins away, to Jeffreys Bay. After being in ‘JBay’ for around 6 years – where the Billabong Pro reigned every year, the Decembers always brimming with foreigners and the fishing was great – we headed back to St. Francis Bay where I have now been for almost 8years.

I was blessed to be raised in a family where I was loved and appreciated just as I am. I was taught ways that are different to the world and learned that the Bible is the most important piece of guidance. My dad is my hero and the only person on earth I trust with my life. My mom, she is my best friend and the most submissive and loving wife I have yet witnessed. I have 3 siblings – 2 younger sisters (Danielle,16 and CaraLee,12) and a baby brother (Stephen, 7).
A beautiful family is what I have and I am more and more grateful every single day.

As for my life at this moment – after school I did many different things including working for my dad, photography courses, makeup artistry courses, working at a salon, traveling and now…I am on a blessed holiday before I head to Cape Town next year to study Teaching at Varsity College. Makeup Artistry is a passion of mine, but my love and adoration for children is greater than any other….so I hope to be able to teach and share in the innocent, beautiful lives of my future students.

My love life is one for another time…but for now…this is where I was, where I am at…and hopefully where I am going 🌸

God Bless
Roxanne Lee



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